Gloucester City Hockey Club 


Present- Anton, Nick, Bex, Richard, Steve, Tony, Mark, Gill, Kate

Apologies – Chris





Approval of last meeting’s minutes


Kate to ensure minutes go on the website


Equipment & kit – balls, reversable bibs for Junior training with initials on – can offer to adults also.

White socks.  Need to find out how many to order (24 is min order)

GK training – Kings booking on a Friday? Open to all GK but encourage juniors. All agree twice a month half pitch for GK training.  Junior GK kit – Tony has potential sponsorship.  Must be through Raging Ball but not include playing kit.

Tony to hold all socks. Bex/Mark – numbers for socks orders to Tony by Fri 9th Oct.


Treasurer Report

Cashflow steady.  

Subs – seniors are getting there with payments, Gill overseeing the Junior payments.

Match fees – time – most never got put on until after 15th so people can’t pay at the moment.

Policy for non payment of subs – all agree no league game selection until payment of subs  Any individual issues must come within.

Family discount – need to redefine e.g. £15 discount per family.


League fees – ladies is in.  Mens has not arrived yet.

Match fees – clarification on what is it used for is needed.  Match fees need to stay the same as most of the costs are towards pitches, umpires and covid (extra equipment etc)

Clubbuzz members – data needs to be correct e.g. age

GDPR – training to avoid any breaches

Tony add to website:

  • No pay no play rule on website
  • Family discount

Gill – to word the family discount sentence for website








Anton to put a note on website re match fees clarification



Captains to check clubb buzz ages etc is correct


Social media – use the hashtags but also include any links to website within the social media.  Everything needs to be on the website so easier to refer people.

Keep your sections/captains to keep communication going on the website.

Director of Performance

Pathway – match with EH and our ethos.  

Culture shift in the Juniors.

Sport for all mindset – don’t want to alienate or appear elitist. 

The way communicated is really important – Option A and Option B pathways.  Perhaps a graphic to visibly demonstrate and communicate. 

County nominations – who is taking charge of this?  

For next year to consider – assistant role – Bath placement.  Full time role to assist with all aspects and roles.

ASAP due to deadline – Tony to nominate for all boys for County asap then they decide whether to attend or not.  Gill speak to Trevor re girls.

Moving forward Nick and Chris to identify those to be nominated.


Nothing to report



DBS on top of.

Covid – St Peters track and trace – scan not needed as we are tracing this all ourselves.

U12/10 tournaments – latest – no parents, no food, many other restrictions should we attend? Could do Development Days instead so parents can be involved.  Could enter tournaments later in year – review month by month.

Kit – invoicing.  Payment needs to be chased for orders.


Junior Club Captain

Emailed notes in his absence

Junior kit

Proposal for coaches to committee

Ladies Club Captain

3s coach sorted, Trevor will remain for 2s.

Assistant coaches

Junior sessions – support from L1/2s players is needed.


Need access to the West website as missing communication.



Nick to speak to players about supporting sessions

Tony to discuss with Brian the West website permissions.

Mens Club Captain

5s – two teams to play in fixtures – need captain

GK – still looking

Mark to speak to players about supporting Junior sessions.  Nick support if needed.