Developing Umpires


Umpiring is a vital part of our sport; more often than not it is a thankless role and completely undervalued. Our vision is to see GCHC continuingly looking to grow its umpires pool at all levels; moreover we believe GCHC members can build a reputation of valuing umpires and officials, and what they give to our sport.


Whether you’re an experienced umpire, new to the area or keen to start, we can help you get into the game. Umpiring and officiating is a fantastic way to continue to expand your enjoyment for the sport after or even during your playing career. If you are passionate about Hockey then this is a great way to see Hockey up close and personal with a different view than stick in hand, or from the side-line. It helps keep you fit, develops a range of people management and judgement skills and allows you to interact with our supportive hockey community. Umpiring also allows another pathway to be involved at the top level if you wish while forging new friendships. Umpiring allows you to have a very direct impact on the hockey experience of our members and provides travel opportunities within the UK and internationally at higher levels. As part of this vision GCHC welcomes anyone interested in umpiring and urges them to contact us on [email protected].


Valuing Umpires


Whilst there is an argument Umpires do not get every decision right, there is an equal and balanced argument about how we as players and representatives of GCHC should react to these decisions. Notwithstanding the influence of umpire / player interactions are well documented in the annals of research both in terms of affecting the results directly on the day or indirectly through the pervasive culture that follows a team or relationship between a player/team and particular umpires. And the first step to removing cognitive bias/s towards umpires is recognising we have these, followed by how we can change our thinking and in turn change our actions.


On both accounts; Developing Umpires and Valuing Umpires we are excited to share the forthcoming vision for our members. Where Beth Hall is our Club Umpire Liaison will continue in her role, Mark Windsor will be joining GCHC having recently stepped down from umpiring ‘full time’. Mark is a Level 3 umpire and comes with a life time of umpiring experience, coaching and mentoring.


There is a raft of guidance and resources available off the internet, all of it should though be used with some level of club advice and assistance so as to make sure any messages are correctly received.

FIH – Rules of Hockey


EH Officiating Page


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