Below is a summary of the Subscriptions for 2024/2025.

Description Subscriptions
 Full Club Member £225.00
 Goalkeepers £325.00
Juniors U12 £125.00
 Juniors (U18 on the 1st Sept)* £165.00
 Student £75.00
Apprentice £165.00
 Part time Member <8 games £75.00
 Associate member £                         –
 Families ***£15.00 Discount for each ADDITIONAL member***
 Match fee – member £12.50
 Match fee – member (GK – own kit) £                         –
 Match fee – part time £18.75
 Match fee – student / unemployed £7.50
 Match fee – junior £6.25
Match fee – apprentice £6.25


Student: qualifies for the reduced fee by providing supporting evidence they are currently enrolled as a Full Time Student in an educational institution.

Part Time Member: A member that plays 7 games or less in a season including friendlies. The Part time member will pay £18.75/game match fees. After 7 games the Part time member will pay the difference of £150 towards the annual subscriptions and £12.50/game match fee.

Associate Member: Non-playing club member

Goalkeepers – A GK who owns their own kit pays zero match fees. A GK who uses club kit pays the annual subscription and match fees associated with their age group.

Apprentice: This is a member of the club who is currently working on a full apprenticeship in a business at the start of the league season, and can demonstrate this with a contract or apprenticeship agreement.

*Players moving from U12 to U18 will have their annual subs increased to £135 in the first year before transitioning to full U18 subs in the following year.

In order to achieve this it was agreed by the members at the AGM that the following payment plans are mandatory. Any member wishing to pay for their subscriptions earlier or in full please do not hesitate to let your Captain know.

Annual subscriptions will be split into 3 payments due in September, October, and November 2024. (These will be charged to your account in August, September, and October)
These will be added to your clubbuzz payment and will be due monthly along with any accrued match fees.

If you need to discuss this privately with the Treasurer please contact him via email: [email protected]

The club cannot stress the important of the following key points:

  1. Please note following the AGM all players are to be on Direct Debit as part of club membership and to be eligible for selection – please ensure your details are correct in Clubbuzz
  2. Please note the first payment of your subscriptions are due BY the 30th September if you are not on DD.
  3. We look for members to pay on time, If you have not paid as above, please note you will NOT be eligible for selection until these are paid.
  4. Anyone with any questions are to contact their relevant club captain. Contact Us.